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Kenya Water Project - Yombra Village
Our Water System Moves Nine Meters Up
Sixty-five meters north of Lake Victoria in Kenya our partners, the Rotary Club of Kisumu Central, have been busy supervising the construction of the Yombra Village and Neighborhood Water project.  The project is the result of donations from The Rotary Foundation, 14 Clubs in Ontario and two donors in Lambton County.  The project will deliver clean, drinkable water near to homes of 3,000 people.
Kisumu Central Rotarians have been busy supervising the next stage of construction.  Four 10,000 L tanks have been raised to the top of the 9m tower.  Above the tanks, a specialist has welded frames to hold the solar cells.  The solar cells were delivered and have been placed into the frames.  Below you will see a photo of Joel Tarimo of the Kisumu Central Club in a red shirt exiting a truck holding the cells.  During the next month we expect the submersible pump to be inserted into the well.  The next step will be the pump sending water to the tanks.  Filling the four tanks for the first time will take several days. 
The gentleman behind Joel in the photo is Shadrack Juma, the president of the Community Based Organization (CBO).   The CBO was formed during the design of the project.  The CBO is the foundation of sustainability and will supervise the water technicians as well as maintain financial and health records two years after the project is complete.